Blog I’m Loving: Well+Good NYC

So much reading, so little time. Photo taken by Sam Javanrouh | Republished with Creative Commons license

So much reading, so little time.
Photo taken by Sam Javanrouh | Republished with Creative Commons license

Since the start of Sneakers and Skyscrapers, I’ve been searching for a go-to site for information and inspiration on fitness happenings and city living. About a month ago, I stumbled across Well+Good NYC, an editorial website that explores the New York City wellness scene. While I tend to focus on city living in general, and not specifically in NYC, almost every trend they discuss is applicable.

Well + Good NYC has five areas of focus: Good Sweat (fitness), Good Looks (beauty), Good Escapes (healthy retreats), Good Advice (expert opinions) and Good Food (nutrition). Since its launch in 2010, Well + Good NYC has focused on providing accessible and affordable content for a healthy, urban lifestyle. Few other sites blend the topics so seamlessly. Additionally, the site is partnered with Self, Prevention and Huffington Post Healthy Living, which only bolsters its reputation and resources.

However, because I added this site to my list of daily reading, I have noticed that it doesn’t update as frequently as I would like. The site posts anywhere from zero to five new stories per day, and I often find myself wanting to read more. On the other hand, a site like FitSugar provides similar news content but updates almost every hour, though their posts can sometimes stray from my focus. Additionally, Well + Good NYC stories tend to read more like a magazine and often include click-through lists. While I enjoy this quick access to summarized information, I occasionally enjoy reading long-form fitness journalism like that which can be found on The New York Times Well Blog. This blog includes a wide range of health and wellness stories, written to include quotes from experts and unbiased reporting.

Well + Good NYC’s posts include coupons or free fitness deals to local gyms or seasonal products, which encourages the audience to explore the city wellness scene. I’m also engaged by the fact that the founders and contributors are all women like myself – busy, active, and passionate about staying healthy. I am drawn to the fact that the writers on the other side of Well + Good NYC understand my drivers, as well as my barriers, to pursuing a healthy urban lifestyle.


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